StealthNET Ltd
StealthNET Limited

StealthNET Limited - Incorporated in August 2002, had started the process of winding up the company in May 2011. StealthNET Ltd was a provider of premium rate services, which included being a supplier of premium rate numbers, premium SMS, geographical numbers, such as 01 numbers and 02 numbers, and non geographical numbers, including setting up 0844 numbers, buying 0845 numbers, using 0870 numbers, obtaining 0871 numbers or allowing clients to purchase 0800 freephone numbers, as well as setting up custom IVR services (Interactive voice response services).

One of StealthNET's brands included Mobill - an online platform for sending and receiving premium text messages (PSMS) and free bulk marketing messages (Text Marketing). This platform acted as an aggregator between StealthNET and the Mobile Network Operators (MNO's) - Allowing StealthNET's clients to create premium rate SMS campaigns and bulk marketing promotions.

StealthNET Limited previously held offices in Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft and in Gorleston on Sea - all situated in Norfolk.

Premium Rate Services

Should you require premium rate services, including premium rate numbers (09 number ranges), premium rate SMS services (PSMS / premium rate short codes), or non geographical number ranges, including;

  • 0800 number ranges
  • 0844 number ranges
  • 0845 number ranges
  • 0870 number ranges
  • 0871 number ranges

Then you can contact Digital Select Ltd, a market leader in the premium rate industry. Digital Select Ltd has already helped many clients setup premium rate numbers and premium rate services, including past clients of StealthNET ltd who may have otherwise lost their premium rate services with the closure of StealthNET limited.

To get in contact with Digital Select Ltd, you can either go direct to Digital Select Ltd's website and either email, call or submit an online enquiry, or alternatively you can click the contact us link and submit an online enquiry.